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About Us

Happy New Year to all Memorial Intermediate parents, students, and community. I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season spent with family and friends. As with any new year, it is an opportunity for reflection, and new beginnings in our lives; whether it be personally or professionally. With that said, I am proud and honored to be part of the Memorial Intermediate family and serving as your current campus principal for this 2017-18 academic school year. The entire faculty, staff, and students have been exceptionally supportive and welcoming as I took office on October 16, 2017.

Some of the campus goals I have set for this year will focus highly on academic and cultural levers are are listed below:

Instructional Levers
Instructional Planning
Effective and Quality Teaching
Data Driven Instruction
Professional Development

Cultural Levers
Student/Staff Culture
Daily Attendance
School Safety

I look forward to working closely with all parents, as we strive for academic excellence of our students. I encourage all parents/guardians to stay connected with our campus webpage and social media for any school updates, announcements, and/or events that are posted regularly. In addition, I encourage you to call or email me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. By working together as a school family, we are supporting the Alice ISD vision of “One Team, One Dream!”

Ms. Cristina Lopez, Principal

Campus Goals

about 1 year ago

Goal 1: All students will demonstrate academic growth and each campus will achieve at local, state, and federal standards with an ultimate goal of exemplary student performance.


Goal 2: All students will demonstrate proficiencies required for graduation.


Goal 3: All students will be taught by highly qualified staff.


Goal 4: All staff will ensure a safe and positive school culture and the climate conducive to learning.


Goal 5: All staff, students, parents, and community member will promote comprehensive home, school, and community partnership.


Goal 6: All teachers and students will be technology literate and utilize technology tools and resources to enhance learning.


PTA OFFICERS 2018-2019
Principal: Cristina Lopez
Vice President: Veronica Reyna
Secretary: Joann Martinez
Treasurer: Norma Hinojosa
Parliamentarian: Diana Martinez
Technology: Christy Campbell
Striving towards excellence today to prepare our students for a challenging world tomorrow.